Recognised as
the uncontested specialist of the most beautiful cashmeres and finest materials in the world...


Franck Namani
belongs to the universe
of perfection...

...where the quintessence of materials, colors and style are subtlely and harmoniously combined.

As the virtuoso of masculine elegance, Franck Namani’s style blends the suppleness of cuts and materials of incomparable refinement highlighted by a comprehensive palette of colors and nuances highly coordinated and endlessly versatile.

Franck Namani’s spirit and know-how are orchestrated with the aim of providing exceptionally refined materials as well as creating original colors to enhance a unique casual style.

The finest materials, the most fitted cuts, the richest colors: Franck Namani, simply the best…

Each article
is also taken care of
in the slightest details

Franck Namani’s collections are not only designed with the most precious materials in the world but each article is also taken care of in the slightest details: Ultimum and Millionaire cashmere, baby cashmere, extremely supple leather, linen, silk, ultra light leather in the summer, thick mother-of-peral buttons, contrasted shade tabs, double collars, cashmere lining on leather, fur edge…