MOSAIC printed swimsuit

Super light swimsuit - Fast drying
100% Nylon and silver details - Made in Italy

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This summer, la Maison Franck Namani creates a new range of patterns and colours for its iconic swimwear. Both sophisticated and timeless, each item boasts a unique identity and details which make it so singular and essential: side pockets, a small embroidered back pocket, an elasticated bel with ties from which hang engraved stainless-steel pieces, stainless-steel snap link at the back.
Each detail is a signature of this legendary summer wear, making it a flagship model of the Namani house.

In addition to its style, the material is unique, super-light and dry-fast nylon, making Franck Namani swimwear the lightest in the world, and one of the fastest-drying.

Your swimwear is delivered in a sleeve.

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