Maison Franck Namani is renowned for its color palette. Each season, 6 new families of color make it possible to compose dressing rooms in total harmony, in addition to the immense range of fundamental colors of the brand (black, navy, taupe, honey, cream, white).

Franck Namani selects colors with the intuition of an artist. The colors come naturally on the score of each collection. They come as meetings. Each color is worked according to the material. It is the fusion and harmony of the two that creates unique moments. The color is sublimated by matter and the matter takes on all its brilliance. The perfect alchemy.

Using marled and soft colors that illuminate the complexion, emphasize expression and one's good humor, the Franck Namani color palette is designed to showcase and celebrate the joy of life.

From sweaters to coats, from boots to gloves, the choice of color is refined and always coherent.

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