The Maison Franck Namani selects the most noble materials with a requirement of every moment. The Ultimum Cashmere series by Franck Namani is a state of mind for all materials, a mark of excellence.

The house creates, like a composer, a score for all its collections. Chinchilla, mink, beaver, and deer meet, cross each other, join forces to form duets on stage. Great moments of emotion. No false note, everything fits. The harmony of pure luxury.

Throughout the year and especially in summer, the cashmere and silk blend (a yarn composed of 70% cashmere and 30% silk) brings lightness and freshness. A ray of sunshine, a gentle breeze on the skin. Softness that comforts the wearer in a luxurious and distinguished second skin.

To attain a perfect harmony, the cashmere felt is built on a traditional weaving machine with the thread of the mesh to obtain exactly the same colours that will blend between fabric and mesh. This exclusive handmade fabric sublimates all the details of our collections.

All the hides and skins are treated with the greatest attention and come from the most noble parts in the shades of the collection. Everything is detailed to the smallest piece. Even mismatched, each garment fits in and harmonises with the whole collection, no matter the material.

Franck Namani clothes pay tribute to beautiful people, in an expressive, daring, and loving style.

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