Producing unique pieces with the finest materials in the world is a constant and rewarding challenge. It takes ardent passion and the determination of a family to create the most beautiful pieces, exclusive jewels, and to differentiate themselves from a luxury too often standardized.

This most rewarding work is our key focus: the Ultimum cashmere© collection by Franck Namani.

Excellence begins in the mountains of inner Mongolia with a selection of the best variety of Capra Hircus goats. At the end of the winter, goats naturally moult. They are then combed to recover the down and retain only twenty percent of their wool. The wires are then selected manually to keep only the longest and most flexible. That painstakingly hand selected material and all its nobility imbues the Ultimum spirit.

The cashmere yarns are then washed according to ancestral know-how to preserve the fibers and enhance their flexibility. The dye is entirely ecological. Each color is realized with the greatest attention to form a harmonious palette.

All the precision and the technicality of composition are needed to develop the architecture of the materials. Hand sewing, making old-fashioned passementerie, composition of dots, wefts and chains to create relief and bring a unique touch. The ultimate luxury.

The Ultimum cashmere is the result of a long and rigorous work of excellence to produce a some of the most absolute quality ever known.

Simply irresistible.

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere loves water and needs it to keep its softness and suppleness. Do not hesitate to wash it. Our cashmere garments are designed to last. Our advisors give you all the keys to keep and maintain your Ultimum cashmere© in its rightful brilliance.

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