Producing unique items with the world’s finest materials is a constant challenge. It takes burning passion and the determination of an entire family to create the finest items, as exclusive as jewels, and to stand out in a luxury industry which is all too often standardised. This exacting work is the result of a unique process: Ultimum cashmere®, by Franck Namani.

Our excellence begins in the mountains of Inner Mongolia with a selection of the best breeds of Capra Hircus goats. At the end of the winter, the goats moult naturally. There are then combed so that the down can be collected and only twenty percent of their wool is kept. The threads are then sorted by hand and only the longest and most flexible are selected. This material is what gives Ultimum cashmere® its full nobility. The cashmere threads are then washed according to an age-old technique to preserve the fibres and further strengthen their flexibility. The dye used is entirely environmentally friendly. Each colour is created with the utmost care to create a harmonious palette.

In the next step, great precision and technical expertise are required to create the architecture of the materials. Hand stitching, traditional trimming techniques, the creation of stitches, wefts and warps to provide elevation and a unique touch. Ultimate luxury. Ultimum cashmere® is the fruit of a long and stringent process of excellence to produce cashmere of great craftmanship. Simply irresistible.

Contrary to popular thinking, cashmere likes water and needs it to retain its softness and flexibility. Never be afraid to wash it. Our cashmeres are designed to last. Our advisors will give you the best care instructions to keep your Ultimum cashmere® in perfect condition.

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