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The website is published by SOC JAMIQUA, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of €38,112.25, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number B 572 202 976, whose registered office is located at 38 avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France (hereinafter “JAMIQUA”).

Browsing the website (hereinafter “Website”) is likely to cause the installation of cookies on your device’s browser.

The use of cookie on the Website is done in strict compliance with the provisions of the Website’s Privacy Policy.


A cookie is a small file, that does not identify the user, but which nevertheless records information relating to the navigation of a device on a website.

A device is any computer, smartphone, tablet or video game console connected to the Internet.

Cookies enable the Website publisher, during the period of validity or registration of the cookie, to identify the device during the user’s next visits.

The data obtained in this way is intended to facilitate subsequent browsing on the Website and is also intended to enable various measures of frequentation.

The purpose of this policy is to provide you with information on the cookies likely to be deposited on your device when you visit the Website, either by JAMIQUA or by third parties, as well as the means enabling you to delete or results in cookies on your device.

You can manage your cookies in the “SETTINGS” section.


Browsing on the Website results in cookies that are necessary for the operation of the Website and cookies that are not necessary for the operation of the Website.

In addition, some cookies are issued directly by JAMIQUA and its service providers and other cookies, not necessary for the operation of the Website, may be issued by third party companies.

2.1 Cookies necessary for the operation of the Website

JAMIQUA, and where applicable its service providers, places cookies on the Website that are essential for browsing the Site. These cookies enable the use of the main functions of the Site, in particular to place orders for articles.

The cookies necessary for browsing the Website are:

  • A cookie dedicated to the protection of Website forms;
  • A cookie used to ensure the security of the Website. This cookie is used by the Wordfence firewall to perform a check of the user’s capabilities before loading WordPress. This is only applied for users who can log in to WordPress. This cookie allows Wordfence Firewall to detect logged-in users and grant them an increased access. It also allows Wordfence to detect users who are not logged in and restrict their access to secure areas. Lastly, it also allows the firewall to know what level of access a visitor has to help the firewall make intelligent decisions about who to allow and who to block;
  • A cookie used to prevent the cookie banner from being re-displayed once it has been validated;
  • A cookie to remember your shopping cart;
  • A cookie used to authenticate you to your Customer Account;
  • A cookie used to keep a Customer Account session active;
  • A cookie to keep the language you have chosen;
  • A cookie used to keep the currency you have chosen if you are logged in to your Customer Account;
  • Cookies used to analyze and measure the audience on the Website.

The deletion of these cookies may result, on the one hand, in navigation difficulties on the Website and, on the other hand, the impossibility of placing an order on the Website.

2.2 Cookies not necessary for browsing on the Website

Other cookies, not strictly necessary for browsing the Website, are used:

  • Cookies identifying the type of device used: it makes it possible to identify the nature of your device (smartphone, computer, etc.) in order to offer you an optimal browsing experience depending on the device used.
  • Personalization cookies linked to your Customer Account: these cookies allow us to keep in memory some of your data in order to automatically authenticate you on your Customer Account each time you visit the Website, to keep in memory your data for the delivery of orders and invoicing or to keep some of your bank details to facilitate your order process.
  • Cookies for analyzing your preferences: these cookies may in particular enable you to facilitate your searches and optimize your experience when ordering items on the Website. These cookies may also enable JAMIQUA to better target your expectations by offering you links to items that may be of interest to you.
  • Google Analytics audience measurements: these cookies enable JAMIQUA to retrieve some statistical data on the Website. These analytical cookies are implemented by Google Analytics. They allow to know the use and performance of the Website, the volume of visits to the Website and the use of its various contents, to establish statistics, with the aim of improving the functionalities and ergonomics of the Website. In order to enable the partner to implement these cookies, transfers of personal data may be made to countries that are not members of the European Union, whose legislation in this area differs from of the legislation in force within the European Union. JAMIQUA implements all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data, and in particular that these data transfers are carried out under conditions and under guarantees that ensure the confidentiality and security of the data. You can access more information, including how to disable analytical cookies, from the following link:

In addition, JAMIQUA uses your IP address to determine the city from which you connect. The IP address is immediately anonymized after use, so that JAMIQUA is not able to identify a natural person through this intermediary.


Cookies that are strictly necessary for browsing the Website do not require your consent.

You can nevertheless oppose them and delete them by using the parameters of your Internet browser in accordance with the “SETTINGS” section below. Nevertheless, browsing on the Website may not be optimal, or even impossible for some services offered on the Website and in particular the ordering of items.

However, cookies that are not strictly necessary for browsing on the Website require your consent. As long as you have not given your consent, these cookies cannot be deposited or read on your device. You are informed of this by the appearance of a banner.

Cookies that are not strictly necessary can be deactivated by following the instructions given in the “SETTINGS” section below.

Refusing the implementation of cookies that are not necessary for browsing on the Website or deleting them does not affect your browsing on the Website. However, this is likely to prevent JAMIQUA from ensuring optimal quality of the Website and its services.

You can withdraw your consent to deposit or read some cookies on your device at any time.

This consent is valid for a period of six (6) months. At the end of this period, your consent will be collected again.

Cookies are stored for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months on your device. Beyond this period, cookies are permanently deleted. This period is in no way extended in the event of a new visit to the Website.

The personal data collected is not transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those set out in this Policy and in the Website’s Privacy Policy.

You are informed that refusing to install a cookie may result in the impossibility to access some services on the Website.


In order to refuse the installation of cookies during your browsing on the Website, you can configure the settings of your browser as follows:


Your consent is based on a cookie. Thus, if you delete all cookies stored in your device through your Internet browser, JAMIQUA will be unable to know that you have chosen this option.

If you systematically refuse the installation of all cookies on your device, including those strictly necessary for navigation, via the “refuse all cookies” options, your navigation on the Website may be limited, and access to some services may not be possible.

For more information, you may consult the CNIL website via the following link:

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